Self-service Replacement Parts Service

Self-service Replacement Parts Service

According to Youmko's after-sales policy, each product of a successfully traded order can only enjoy ONE free replacement service, so please submit all replacement parts information for a product at once. If the same product still needs to apply for the service multiple times, the buyer should pay the shipping fee.

When applying for the replacement parts service, you must provide the set number, order number, and the specific replacement parts information (color, quantity). It can be seen that one form only corresponds to one set. If multiple sets need to be applied for the service, you should submit multiple forms with the corresponding quantity and content.

The picture must be clear and not blurry. Resending some parts such as stickers, minifigures, and full bags may take a little longer, so please be patient.

The resending packages are usually delivered to the original address of the order. If your address needs to be changed, please inform your application for it when submitting the form.

Of course, you can still communicate with us via email about replacement parts. To speed up processing, we strongly recommend that you fill out the form yourself and submit it directly, and your package will come with an additional 3 free minifigures as a token of our sincere gratitude.

Where do I submit my completed form?

1. Click here to jump to The Submission
2. When your request is officially accepted and is about to proccess, we will send a status update email to the email address you left.
How do I fill out the form?

1. Click and download:📂 Replacement Form
2. Fill in the form according to the corresponding procedures and requirements:

· 《Resending Bricks》;

· 《Resending Minifigures, Sticker》;

· 《Resending electrical parts (motor, lights, battery box)》;  

Resending Bricks

Download the file and fill up the indeed info [ time, order number, model number, pictures, details of the pictures ]
1. Clearly take photos and mark the part on the paper instructions, unless paper instructions are not available, then submit photos of the PDF.

2. Please check if the part has its number first. This number is usually listed on the last page of the instruction manual. If there is no number, just take a photo of the part itself. Please do it right.

In most cases, each bag will be marked with a serial number. If you find that there are missing bags, or there are duplicate bags that cause a certain bag missed, you can also apply for the service. Please write clearly in the “Note” field the reason why you need to resend it.

As an example, the picture shows the position as a sequential number. The picture shows two of the 3/4 bags, resulting in no 1/2 bags and the need to fill out a form to request a re-send of the 1/2 bags.
So it should be filled out that way:

Resending Minifigures, Sticker

Take photos of the instructions and fill in the form information: quantity and note

If the sticker is lost or cannot be used due to serious wrinkles, fill in the form: quantity and specific reasons

Resending electrical parts (motor, lights, battery box)

If you did not receive the electrical parts you were supposed to receive, please take a picture of the instruction, fill in the quantity, and write down the exact reason in the “Note” box.
If the part is not working properly, please contact us via email and attach a video as proof. 

Submit the format