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Replacement Parts Policy

Since these finger-sized bricks are automatically sorted by machines, omissions are inevitable. Rubbing between bricks during packaging and shipping can also cause damage. As a dealer, YOUMKO will still provide free replacement services for this purpose. Due to the different requirements for bagging, if you find that some bricks are missing or damaged during the building, Please try to find them in other bags. The stickers are usually placed together with the instructions, or they are tucked inside, so please look for them carefully.

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If it cannot be resolved, please send us a message or email for customer service to [email protected] containing the following content:
· The order number and model number.
· Circle the part and the required quantity in the instructions and provide these photos. The photos should look like this:
Once we have everything registered, your resending package will be ready and shipped within about 15 working days, and they will arrive by plane. Please note that these bricks will not be LEG* bricks. Our store not support any after-sales service for any services involving LEG* bricks. Thank you.