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Pre-sale Orders Policy

To know in advance the upcoming new products, YOUMKO has launched a "Pre-sale" function. Whether it is our China warehouse or our regional warehouse (US, EU, and CA warehouse), we will continue to do this. There will also be additional gifts for orders that purchase pre-sale sets. If you have more questions about this, please check out the FAQs at the bottom of the article. If this article does not better answer your question, please contact us at [email protected]

How to use it?

· For pre-sale products from China:
When the factory informs that a set will come out soon, YOUMKO will immediately update the pre-sale link based on the known info like its number, factory, and what's more importantly its price.  Youmko's examples of pre-sale products in China

· For pre-sale products from our regional warehouse (US, EU, and CA): 
In order to let friends know in advance what products will arrive at the local warehouse and are likely to be available for delivery, our overseas warehouse products have begun to set up this pre-sale function.

Jan 11: This date is the date when packages containing this product officially begin shipping.

95658: It's version number. 
pre-sale for 35±day: Here is the estimated time it will take until the package officially arrives at the warehouse, ready for sale and shipped. The numbers here are for reference only. They may be delayed due to force majeure factors, such as war, logistics peak season, and other objective reasons. Please understand.

So the conclusion for this set is: 95658 (one of the purchasable versions of the original 43222) will arrive after approximately 35 days from January 11th and when it's in stock it will begin to ship in order.

For all pre-sales, we will only ship items when they are actually in stock. Eligible pre-sale orders are subject to the relevant Return Policy of YOUMKO.  

What are the benefits of ordering these pre-sale sets?
· 5 random minifigures as gifts for every Pre-sale set

To thank buyers for your trust, we will give away 5 random minifigures for each pre-sale product to express our gratitude. The number of prizes is stackable. Eg: If you order two different pre-sale sets at once, then you will receive 10 minifigures in total. It only works for pre-sale set from the China house. 

· Speed refunding the price difference between pre-sale sets and the in-stock sets. 
For orders placed within 3 days before the price reduction, the difference between the pre-sale price and the in-stock price can be refunded. This is limited to orders shipped from China and can only be applied for once. If the current price is higher than the pre-sale price, we won't charge any extra fees, enjoy!

· Priority delivery for the pre-sale orders once the set is in stock

We will send out the goods according to the time you place the orders, so pre-sale orders will proceed in priority of the in-stock orders for the same goods.

Thank you again for reading this far. We hope this article can answer your questions. If you need more help, please contact us at [email protected]Thank you in advance for reaching out.