Review: 76408 12 Grimmauld Place
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Review: 76408 12 Grimmauld Place

The second brand-new set in the Harry Potter series in the summer of 2022: 76408 12 Grimmauld Place, the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, founded by Dumbledore. Like 76403 Ministry of Magic, this scene appears in both Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows, but it leans more towards Order of the Phoenix.

DATE: JUNE 1, 2022
Bricks Piece: 1083PCS
Minifigures: 9
PRICE: $119.99
SIZE: 24 x 12 x 28 CM

The back of the box shows details of the set 12 Grimaud Square, with surrounding illustrations depicting the features of the square as it appears or disappears. There is a total numbered pouch of parts 1-7, instructions and a moderately sized sticker sheet.

The second bag of parts completes the foundation of the building, with some 2×2 triangular bricks that appear during the assembly process and slide nicely even when fully covered. All the parts on the bottom that can move are also covered with smooth "boat pegs" that can slide easily in any situation. Once this bag of parts is complete, the main play function has been established.

Next, we started to put together the facade and kitchen of #12. The beautiful wall striped tiles bring some texture to the building. The stickers on the door of No. 12 need to be applied carefully so they don't get crooked, and I would have been happy if printed pieces had been used instead. Still, it's a beautiful door. There are some nice pieces in the kitchen, and such a configuration is on par with the standard city set, which has probably the most cups ever placed in a cabinet (six). There's also a removable stove to allow for more play space and a table large enough for four seats with glasses, mugs and the Daily Prophet.

The fourth bag is put together from the outside walls of #11 and #13, but they don't have doors that can be opened! I think this design is not want to see the awkward 12 after opening the door. On the other hand the process of applying stickers to these two doors is not as tedious as #12, and there is no door handle to get in the way. No. 13 was the first to be built, with almost no interior detail, just a set of back-to-back doors representing Kreacher's room. room 11 has a little more detail. Added details of Walburga Black's portrait and curtains, Tonks frequently bumping into the troll-legged umbrella stand to awaken said portrait, and a small table with a bowl and lamp in the room. 

The final piecing of this pack of parts was to add a final layer of bricks for #11 and #13 to enable them to continue piecing the superstructure and to put together a second set of curved links. On both sides we also pieced together two lampposts. These are a departure from the movie, but it's a noteworthy highlight and they form good handles.

Looking from the back, you can see a larger central area inside the building with smaller triangular areas on the sides. There are also chandeliers placed inside the technical links above, which is an interesting design to both hide some of the links and keep the chandeliers safe when pushing and pulling the building.

Bag #5 completes the remainder of #12. In the middle room there is a piano with a radio on it that they use to get news of the Death Eaters. There is also a painting of the Blake family crest on the side wall and on the other wall is a cup or chalice with some grapes and a painting of a skull on it. The façade is dark gray, distinguishing it from the buildings on either side, proving it to be an unusual building.

The #6 and #7 of parts kits complete Grimaud Plaza 11 and 13. Putting them together was fairly simple and the eaves above look attractive. Among the interior decorations, the most prominent is the genealogy of the Black family. The design and colors are consistent with the play, and the image of the Black family "traitor" is withheld.

The other three rooms have a lounge area with a nice armchair, as well as the bedrooms of Sirius and Regulus.

There are nine humanoids, eight of which are unique to this set, and we get three new brooms in two colors.

So far, Kreacher is the only house elf to appear as a man-child, appearing for the first time with a unique head mold that nicely shows his hooked nose and a unique print for his tattered clothes. Sirius has appeared twice before, and here he has a nice green pinstripe coat with a black outfit inside - a great human boy, and it's nice to get a non-prison version of Sirius.

The Weasley family is well represented in this suit.

For 12 Grimmauld Place, it simply does not exist in the non-magical world. This elevates the middle part of the building appearing/disappearing as a play feature to the very core of the need. Lego took on this challenge and did it well. The action is smooth, both opening and closing, and the lamp post on the side of the building provides a nice handle that stands up to play.

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