Model Making The Avengers Mavel Super Heroes 76223
  • [Pre-sale] Custom 66018 Nano Gauntlet Marvel The Avengers 76223 Building Block Brick 675±pcs from China
  • [Pre-sale] Custom 66018 Nano Gauntlet Marvel The Avengers 76223 Building Block Brick 675±pcs from China
  • [Pre-sale] Custom 66018 Nano Gauntlet Marvel The Avengers 76223 Building Block Brick 675±pcs from China
  • [Pre-sale] Custom 66018 Nano Gauntlet Marvel The Avengers 76223 Building Block Brick 675±pcs from China

Model Making The Avengers Mavel Super Heroes 76223

No.Custom 66018
·Dealer: Youmko Building Block
·Product Name:  Nano Gauntlet
·Bricks Blocks: 675±pcs
·Theme: Super Heroes
·Minifigure: 0
·Material: ABS Plastic
·Ages: 6+
·With Light: No
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  • [Pre-sale] Custom 66018 Nano Gauntlet Marvel The Avengers 76223 Building Block Brick 675±pcs from China
  • [Pre-sale] Custom 66018 Nano Gauntlet Marvel The Avengers 76223 Building Block Brick 675±pcs from China
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