MOC 105198 TIE Bizarro (TIE/e1) Custom LEGO Model
  • MOC 105198 TIE Bizarro (TIE/e1)
  • MOC 105198 TIE Bizarro (TIE/e1)
  • MOC 105198 TIE Bizarro (TIE/e1)
  • MOC 105198 TIE Bizarro (TIE/e1)
  • MOC 105198 TIE Bizarro (TIE/e1)
  • MOC 105198 TIE Bizarro (TIE/e1)
  • MOC 105198 TIE Bizarro (TIE/e1)
  • MOC 105198 TIE Bizarro (TIE/e1)

MOC 105198 TIE Bizarro (TIE/e1)

·Product Name: TIE Bizarro (TIE/e1)
·Bricks Blocks: 727±pcs
·Material: ABS Plastic
PDF Instruction
NO Minifigures
NO Printed bricks
NO special bricks
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  • MOC 105198 TIE Bizarro (TIE/e1)
  • MOC 105198 TIE Bizarro (TIE/e1)
  • MOC 105198 TIE Bizarro (TIE/e1)
  • MOC 105198 TIE Bizarro (TIE/e1)
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Frequently Bought Together
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