Review: 75979 Hedwig
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By MOCZONE | 23 September 2022 | 0 Comments

Review: 75979 Hedwig

To say that Harry Potter, the most spiritual animal, must be Harry Potter's pet Hedwig, this year, LEGO is also a very vivid building blocks Hedwig to the world's Harry Potter fans. Since the beginning of 2018, LEGO Harry Potter series are very popular with players, the launch of Hedwig, I believe that many Ha fans are most looking forward to a set.

The contents of the package are divided into four parts packages, including a sticker.

The set contains a Harry Potter just enrolled in the costume boy, in addition to a new spread wings of Hedwig.

The whole design of the base is still very interesting, in order to form an angle, the designer is very clever to use a ball joint parts as a connection and support, and the associated hinge parts are also very good to connect the support part with the base. It also contains the linked cross shaft and gear, a very good design!

In Hedwig's puzzle, is also the first to complete the gears associated with the part, the structure here is not very complex, but the use of very clever, mechanical principles are also a look to understand. And such a mechanical structure, in fact, allows players to learn very well, and applied to other MOC works, many bird wings can use such a structure to learn to use!

The use of two fixed points of gear control, which is the reason Hedwig wings can rise and fall when shaking.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry admission notice, all here is decorated with stickers, placed here, is also to let our thoughts immediately back to the beginning of Harry Potter's story!

The whole Hedwig tail and many parts of the wings are movable, through the C-shaped buckle parts connected to each other, can be posed in different shapes, for a black and white owl, LEGO does not completely black and white staggered form of collocation to show, but very cleverly different positions embellished, the whole visual effect is very good.

Hedwig's eyes for the printing parts, in fact, or quite a god, so that the color is more vivid some. Next is the head of the whole patchwork, the most complex part of the whole set, other body parts in the patchwork process is smooth, each step is very clear, and the head of this shape because of the use of a 90-degree angle of such a design, in fact, the internal structure is not strong enough, the final shape also seems less rounded, but with the body as a whole, it is quite coordinated, the first look can also be very The first glance can be very clear confirmation is an owl's head.

After the whole set is put together, especially on their own table, feel that people can not help but pick up to see, and in the wings can also shake such a design added, the whole set will be very attractive.

The ultimate Hedwig, the set, is one of the sets that can be purchased at a relatively low threshold, and the lively gameplay makes this set fun. In the static state, Hedwig's wings will always face down, because the entire mechanical structure is no more damping to support, so if you want to pose a more dynamic static shape on the table, you need to snap the rocker below, you can maintain a fixed pose. Of course, you can also consider adding a motor to the entire set to model automatic swing.

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