76210: Super Heros Marvel Hulkbuster Blocks by 12th Jan,2023.
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76210: Super Heros Marvel Hulkbuster Blocks by 12th Jan,2023.

The suit is MK44 Anti-Hulk armor, which is the largest Lego Mech to date. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Hulk can be covered in armor, larger than the Hulk, is a suit of armor comparable to the Hulk, but without the support of Jarvis, usually aboard a satellite, flying in low Earth orbit, when needed to launch into the location.
The box style is 18+, with a black background on the front that frames the finished model, the Infinity Legend logo (which is a little weird) and the Anti-Hulk name in the upper left corner, the Marvel logo in the lower right corner, and the age segment, product number, and total particle count in the lower left corner.
The parts pack consists of 25 serial packs plus an exclusive printed helmet and a nameplate with 4049pcs of parts. It takes about 10 hours to put together.
In the first of three books, the first few pages introduce the anti-Hulk armor, a brief description of the product's model designer (there is a set of Japanese-born mecha models), and a brief description of the product's graphic designer.
Some parts of the model still use sticky paper, which provides some details of the mecha.
One minifigure:
The building starts with the hollow frame inside the breastplate, where 76206 Iron Man will be placed.
The crotch is the most incongruously proportioned part of the product, completely different from the prototype. This crotch is made to look like a large diaper, too bloated.
The side armor of the two passes is built in a three-stage configuration with hinges in the middle for links, and the upper and lower armor can open outward.
The upper part of the torso is built first on the back, and the front breastplate is built last.
When installing the arm damper, a small error was found in the drawing. The black cross connecting shaft installed in the third picture of step 208 on the right was missing in the fourth picture, which should have been in the lower left corner.
To stabilize the heavy arm, damping uses a gear with three pinion gears.
The damped empty hand is still tight, so that you can keep your arm steady when it's in the air or going up.
The chest light is triggered by pressing the cross shaft to the rear connecting rod to trigger the light switch. This blue piece on the chest is a Fresnel lens from the 21335 lighthouse.
Once the whole torso is done we put 76206 Iron Man in to see if it fits.
The link between the thigh and torso is locked and immobile.
The ankles and balls of the feet are also locked, and tilt inward in one direction on each side. Two A-shaped bricks were used for fixing the ankle. Bare-footed installation of the calf part with a large number of plates superimposed horizontal to do the bearing.
The bottom sides of the foot are decorated with more metal lacquer parts, which are very similar to the prototype.
I was trying to put together the back of my foot when I got the wrong Lego part!
The ball of the foot and the wrist part of the overall look is relatively sturdy. The reproduction of the sole part of the foot is very accurate, but the inner part of the ankle is not covered by parts, and the armor of the ankle part is much thinner than that in the movie. In the movie, the sole of the foot and the calf are almost connected together, and you can't see the ankle.
Two legs are attached to the torso, and the thighs look thin until the outer armor is put together.
The link between the thigh and the calf uses four A-shaped parts, which are stronger than the ankle, where only two A-shaped parts are used.
The two round pieces in the knee section are luminous, replacing the Mecha's reactor lights in the movie. To be honest, the knees and thighs look pretty passable, one of the few things that looks like Mecha in the movies.
Knee partial mobility:
The arm part is the most stuff, the elbow can bend, the palm can turn. There are two lights in the palm that you can press. The overall look is similar to the look in the movie.
The finger joint is divided into three sections, which can realize the position of making a fist and opening it all.
Arm mounted on:​​​​​​​
The side armor on both sides of the arm is all metallic parts, very dazzling.​​​​​​​
The restoration of the shoulder plate is relatively accurate, but the gap between the shoulder and the shoulder is very large after the overall installation, because LEGO puts the shoulder plate as a component alone on the upper arm, rather than as a part of the arm. In fact, the shoulder plate is hollow inside the outside of the arm. The result is that when the shoulder plate is pulled down, it looks empty, and when it is pulled up, there is a gap between the shoulder plate and the arm.​​​​​​​
Shoulder plate mobility​​​​​​​:
The breastplate is made up of four pieces, upper and lower, left and right, with the upper two small links at the upper connection and the lower two large links at the lower chest connection. The problem with the breastplate is that it's not curved, it's overly flat.​​​​​​​
The back uses a metal gold X-wing ceiling with a large piece of sticky paper to draw out details, and the ceiling opens upward. The ceiling is flanked by light blue thrusters, with the two outermost thrusters opening outward. The whole back looks like an awl.
The two armor ornaments on the waist are inserted into the pins above the thighs.
Arm mobility:
Finally, I made a change to the head connector. The light gray connector was swapped with the dark gray 1X4 plate above, so that the space between the head and the body was increased, which was closer to the prototype in the film. Let's take a look at what it looks like when it's all done.
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