10317: Land Rover Defender 90 Car Blocks by 16th May.2023
10317: Land Rover Defender 90 Car Blocks by 16th May.2023
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10317: Land Rover Defender 90 Car Blocks by 16th May.2023
The parts package has 15 serial packs plus 6 tires, a front glass and a black base plate.
The instructions used a white background to show the finished shape of the model. The first few pages of the manual explain the history of the Land Rover Defender and a brief description of the designer.
The sticky parts are the license plate, the dashboard, the center control, the rearview mirror, the front logo and the window 2-side A-pillar.
The first package of gadgets is very interesting to build. 2 gas tanks, a replaceable V8 engine, a red switchable kit, a yellow jack, a set of hand tools (sledgehammer, shovel, axe and pick), 2 traction boards.
The middle of the chassis is covered with large plates, which then extend out four mechanical shocks. There's no differential lock or gearbox.
The front and rear of the chassis are also made of grainy pieces, without the use of technical parts.
Interior, the dashboard and the center control are sticky paper, the car is a right rudder driving position (driving position can choose left or right rudder). On the left side of the steering wheel are hand brake, differential lock gear and hand gear. There are shelves with handles in front of the passenger seat.
Interior decoration
▲ Seat
The back seat uses two rows of longitudinal seats that can be seated facing each other, rather than the traditional row of three horizontal seats.

Under the Alaskan white roof is the rear of the car, which can be removed to become a convertible.
The front suspension system can be connected to the steering wheel to achieve front wheel steering.
This is the first time I can remember that the brick has a separate suspension system, and the front and rear suspension are very good for off-road performance.


The engines are available in two varieties: a 5.0-L Jaguar AJ-V8 gasoline V8 and a 5-cylinder 2.5-L Td5 turbocharged diesel.
▲5 cylinder 2.5L Td5 turbocharged diesel.
The top frame luggage rack is composed of a large number of technical studs.
There are 4 spotlights in front of the roof frame (looks like ARB spotlights because IPF spotlights are white masks).

The head is equipped with anti-collision beam and winch, anti-collision beam is also equipped with spot lights.
The license plate comes in 2 styles, one with a black border U.S. license plate and one without a frame U.K. L316 is the code name for the 1983-2016 Land Rover Defender and HUE is the license plate number for the first Land Rover model.
There are several models available, each with different engine and hood styles, but the hood is the classic clam shell style. The models are "BULGE" mode: the hood is raised to make room for the five-cylinder turbo-diesel engine. "SLEEK" mode: with a V8 engine and the final "EXPEDITION" mode: to create an all-terrain, multi-purpose off-road vehicle.​​​​​​​
BULGE: The engine uses a five-cylinder turbodiesel and the hood is bulging.

"Leveling (SLEEK)" mode: The engine uses a V8 citation engine and the hood is level.
"EXPEDITION" mode: The engine uses a five-cylinder turbo-diesel engine with a spare tire on the hood.
Let's take a look at how it all looks when it's done. First is the normal version mode, then the expedition mode. Next to the A-pillar on the right side of the front is a black wading hose to prevent air and water ingress when wading. The rear is equipped with a tow hook and a huge red fire extinguisher on the right side of the rear.​​​​​​​
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