10307:Eiffel Tower Buildings by 14th Dec.
10307:Eiffel Tower Buildings by 14th Dec.
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10307:Eiffel Tower Buildings by 14th Dec.
o know more- the high Eiffel Tower depth puzzle experience!wink
Overall package appearance:
The packaging of the Eiffel Tower is huge, tall and thick, with a finished drawing of the set on the front and some deconstruction of the model and photos of the actual Eiffel Tower on the back. As you can see, the set contains 10,001 parts, which, jokingly, is exactly 10,000 parts without the remover.

As with some of the larger sets in the past, there will be three large boxes inside the package, which need to be put together according to the number 1-2-3.
Box 1 corresponds to the base of the tower, which is the part of the ground plaza. No.2 builds the bottom bracket and the sightseeing platform on the first floor. Box 3 contains all the remaining parts.

After opening all the boxes, a total of 3 puzzle instructions, 74 numbered bags (numbered 1~74), 9 unnumbered bags (some road plate parts) and 4 black base plates without stickers are included.

As for the patchwork experience... We are most concerned about the repeated combination, this must exist, such a large building, no matter how the design can avoid repeated combination, such as let you according to 144 1x1 dots, around the sightseeing platform to create 60 or 70 of the same parts, avatar horticulturists planting grass and trees.
However, the designer has consciously tried to avoid this problem as much as possible. In the past, the familiar Lego construction method is to open one or two numbered bags, finish all the pieces, and then remove the next one. This time, you will find that sometimes after the first bag is dismantled, there are still many parts left according to the instructions, you will be asked to open the next few numbered bags. Go back to the numbered bag and do the same job again. I understand it is to stretch out the "battle lines" so that you don't get bored.

After opening all the boxes, a total of 3 puzzle instructions, 74 numbered bags (numbered 1~74), 9 unnumbered bags (some road plate parts) and 4 black base plates without stickers are included.surprise
In real life, the Eiffel Tower has never appeared in the public eye in dark gray. The Eiffel Tower in different stages may have different kinds of metal colors, but it is never dark gray. The designer of Lego has also explained that on the one hand, there is no copyright problem of the tower itself. Third parties are free to work on the subject; On the other hand, the Eiffel Tower introduced by LEGO in the history is mostly grey, which has been accepted by players to a certain extent. Moreover, most of the parts in the set are ready-made in dark grey, so it is not worth it to make a large number of new color parts for one set to some extent, which will affect the production schedule of other sets.
I specifically took out my collection of architectural black box series of the Eiffel Tower (21019) and placed it in front of it before it was only one floor high.yes

In the official example diagram, the whole tower can be divided into four parts, but in fact, this part can also be split into two parts if the 2x2 smooth surface used to fix the connection in this position is removed, which is more convenient to move or store.wink
First of all, let's take a look at the square under the tower part, the reality of the tower is actually a piece of flat land underneath, scattered with some small stores, mainly for everyone to rest and queuing when the flow of customers. But LEGO designers will be under the square into a garden street form, from the sense of view will be much better, not so cold, the trees also through different kinds of green parts show a sense of hierarchy.
The whole tower relies on four corners of the bracket support, each bracket leg contains four pillars, it is the 16 pillars support the whole tower, the diagonal structure between the pillars is purely for the restoration of details, did not play any structural support role, such a structure throughout the tower.
The iconic arch structure of the tower is restored by using the track parts of the roller coaster and the hose. In fact, it can be felt from here that the restoration of the appearance details is a point of great concern to the designer.

The French flag on top of the tower is also absent in real life.
All parts of the tower are basically fixed in a nested way, so that it is convenient to disassemble and not dislocation.cool

Look forward to know more Compatible Blocks Hereheart 
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