10261:Roller Coaster Fairground Building Blocks by 10th Mar.2023
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10261:Roller Coaster Fairground Building Blocks by 10th Mar.2023

Compatible Lepin 15039 is updated.

Subpackages are also mixed, so it is still necessary to pour out all the finishing subpackages.

Instructions and stickers:

Open Spelling ......
The lepin bar is still cocked after the combination of parts.
It is not obvious when the leaves are installed.
When you start to put together the first layer of the column
The bottom plate will be very strong warp
But after a few more layers, as the weight increases
The warping situation will be much better

The floor will be much better when it is put together like this.
COASTER wording should also be better than the first version.
The collection of Minifigures in this SET (total 11 Minifigures)

Marshmallow cart.​​​​​​​
Ticket office.

Juice store.
Roller coaster platform.
The largest circular rail support.
Left side finished:
Left and right spliced together.​​​​​​​

Then comes the chain section, according to the drawing up to 203 sections.
When not installed with the leather band tightened (Red Mark).​​​​​​​
After the installation of the leather belt, the chain is pulled tight, the degree of elasticity is good.
Large number of cylindrical parts:
To summarize the parts that may be updated in the updated version of Le Piece 15039.
The three wheels on the top of the roller coaster and the linkage mechanism, become very smooth
The COASTER wording of the brick patchwork may be better than the first version
The chain tensioning part may be more effective than the previous version
The most important update is that the white 2x2 cylindrical parts are easier, even to say that they are easily inserted into the cross shaft​​​​​​​

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